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EVGA’s carbon fiber dream desktop goes 300 KPH standing still

Top-of-the-line supercars use carbon fiber chassis because the synthetic material has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio. EVGA’s latest over-the-top desktop PC build uses a carbon fiber chassis because…well, because top-of-the-line supercars use it. The EVGA E1 is custom-designed from top to bottom and packed with both high-end gaming hardware and one-of-a-kind […]

How to turn your laptop into a desktop workstation

The big difference between laptops and desktops is that the latter are, well, big: ideally placed on a nice comfy desk and festooned with accessories. But if you have a laptop already, you have all the components of a desktop, and then some. If you’re not going anywhere for a […]

Intel regains market share from AMD in notebook, desktop PCs

Although AMD executives have touted their market-share gains in the PC processor market during 2020 as a whole, Intel actually clawed back a bit of share during the fourth quarter, an independent analyst confirmed Tuesday afternoon. That’s probably just fine for AMD, which is prioritizing the high-end market. For the […]