Showtime Announces October Release Date for ‘Fellow Travelers’

The Big Picture

  • Showtime’s limited series Fellow Travelers will be streaming on Paramount+ with the Showtime plan starting from October 27, before airing on regular TV on October 29.
  • The series, adapted from a novel by Thomas Mallon, follows the secret relationship between two men during the McCarthyism era.
  • Fellow Travelers features an ensemble cast, including Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey, and spans four decades, addressing significant historical events like the Vietnam War protests and the AIDS crisis.

Showtime has revealed that their upcoming limited series titled Fellow Travelers will be available for streaming on Paramount+ with the Showtime plan, starting from Friday, October 27. Following this, it will also air on regular TV on Sunday, October 29, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime. For viewers in Canada, the series will premiere on Paramount+ on October 27, and for viewers in the UK, Australia, Latin America, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, the premiere will be on October 28.

Fellow Travelers is brought to television by the Academy Award-nominated Ron Nyswaner and has worked on projects like Philadephia and Homeland, and was originally announced back in April 2022. The ensemble cast for the series includes actors such as Matt Bomer, Jonathan Bailey, Jelani Alladin, Allison Williams, and Noah J. Ricketts. Bomer and Nyswaner will also take on executive production roles along with Robbie Rogers and Dee Johnson. Additionally, Daniel Minahan, who has directed shows like Halston and American Crime Story: Versace also serves as an executive producer and will direct the first two episodes. The series is a collaborative effort between Fremantle and Showtime.

Adapted from a novel by Thomas Mallon, Fellow Travelers is an epic, era-spanning story of both love and political intrigue. The story follows the secret relationship between two very different men during the time of McCarthyism in Washington. Matt Bomer portrays the charismatic Hawkins Fuller, who has a successful yet behind-the-scenes role in politics. Despite his avoidance of emotional connections, he meets Tim Laughlin (Bailey), a young man full of ideals and religious devotion.

Dark Times in 20th-Century America

Their romantic involvement coincides with the era of Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn, who wage a campaign against those deemed « subversives and sexual deviants. » This marks one of the darkest periods in 20th-century American history. The series spans four decades, tracing the paths of the main characters – Hawkins, Tim, Marcus, Lucy, and Frankie – as they navigate through events like the Vietnam War protests, the hedonism of the disco era, and the AIDS crisis. Amid these historical events, they also confront personal challenges and growth.

The first of Fellow Travelers’ 8-episode run will premiere on October 27 on Paramount+ with Showtime before debuting on Showtime on October 29. The official teaser for the series was released back in June. Check out the reveal video for the series down below:

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