The Incredible Hulk 2 Would’ve Had Grey & Red Hulks, Says Director

The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier has detailed what his MCU sequel would look like.

In 2008, Leterrier directed a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/Hulk. Although this was one of the first MCU installments, it never got a sequel, with the main role being recast with Mark Ruffalo. Leterrier would go on to direct movies like Now You See Me and, most recently, Fast X.

He recently shared what would have happened if he had gotten to make The Incredible Hulk 2. “Yeah, there was like a whole sequel,” Leterrier told “There was like Grey Hulk, Red Hulks – there was a lot of good stuff that we were planning.”

Leterrier has commented on the direction the MCU has taken Hulk lately, with the decision to merge the Banner and Hulk personas into Smart Hulk. “Hulk is a complex character within the Marvel Universe,” Leterrier admitted. “You want the primeval Hulk… the rage Hulk. And then when you go Grey Hulk and Smart Hulk, you lose that a little bit, and you get a little bit more kiddish with it.”

“But that was the fun of where I was in my movie, with the access to consciousness and all that stuff. That was really fun. And that’s what I was aiming to do. But take my time with it. Because there’s so many characters, they want it all fast [laughs]. I like She-Hulk, but then you know, yoga between Hulk and… I was like, ‘Okay! Yeah, we’re very far from my Hulk.’”

The Incredible Hulk cast

The 2008 film stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt, and Tim Blake Nelson.

Fans of the movie have seen Roth and Hurt reprise their roles as Emil Blonsky/Abomination and General Thaddeus Ross in multiple MCU installments. Tyler and Nelson will reprise their roles as Betty Ross and Samuel Sterns/Leader in the upcoming Marvel movie Captain America: Brave New World.

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