Horizon Forbidden West Players Can Help The Environment By Unlocking An Early-Game Trophy

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

PlayStation Studios

Guerrilla Games

February 18, 2022


Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most highly-anticipated games of the year, and it releases everywhere on Friday. An unexpected Lego Set announcement already amplified the hype this week for Horizon fanatics, but players might also be surprised to learn that their excitement contributes to a greater cause. By unlocking an early-game trophy, Horizon Forbidden West players can help the environment. 

A PlayStation tweet (seen above) provides specifics, « For each ‘Reached the Daunt’ trophy unlocked before March 25, we, in partnership with the ArborDay Foundation, will plant a tree in one of 3 different reforestation projects across the US. »

And what exactly are these 3 different restoration projects? A post on the official PlayStation blog states that the Douglas County Forest in Wisconsin, the Sheep Fire Private Lands in California, and the Torreya State Park in Florida suffer from destruction and decline in the form of burn damage and deforestation. Moreover, the Arbor Day Foundation already has a reputation for its tireless efforts to preserve the natural world, « Our mission is to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. Our vision is to lead toward a world where trees are used to solve issues critical to survival by relentlessly delivering value. » 

The « Reached the Daunt » trophy is reported to be an early-game trophy, meaning that as long as you play, the aforementioned restoration projects will get the attention and assistance they deserve. The Horizon series’ overarching narrative is about restoring balance to a dying world, and now you can potentially do the same. Every little act counts, after all.

Horizon Forbidden West launches for PlayStation consoles on February 18. Read our review to learn why Kimberley Wallace said, Horizon Forbidden West reaches a new high bar for Guerrilla Games. »

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