Psyonix puts $300K toward grassroots Rocket League events

Rocket League is getting a slew of community-driven tournaments with prize pools attached, thanks to the game’s developer.

Armed with $300,000 from Psyonix, grassroots tournaments in regions around the globe, including North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, will take place in June and July.

The tournaments are:

  • Codename: COVERT presented by Dazerin

  • The Brawl: 10K presented by Lawler

  • The Eurocup 10K presented by Lethamyr

  • Salt Mine 2 presented by Johnnyboi

  • LATAM Championship presented by Rocket Street

  • RLO Grand Slam presented by RLOceania

  • Summer Shuffle presented by Beyond the Summit

  • Summer Grand Prix presented by Rocket Baguette

  • The Kickoff presented by Asia Pro League

  • CCA Summer Series presented by College Carball Association

Among those tournaments is an event from Adam « Lawler » Thornton, one of the pillars of the Rocket League community and former Rocket League Championship Series caster, who will be presenting another edition of « The Brawl. » Thanks to Psyonix’s contributions, this will be The Brawl’s biggest edition yet.

« Overall, it’s been a humbling experience, » Lawler said. « From where The Brawl started, a tournament made for pros, has led to partnerships with Crumpa Esports and Psyonix willing to back it with funding. Hopefully this is just the beginning. »

Dubbed « The Brawl: 10K, » the event will take place from June 15-20 and include 16 teams: eight invitees and eight open play qualifiers. The prize pool, as the name suggests, will be $10,000, with $5,500 going to the winners. Groups will be four teams of four, and the top two squads from each pool will move on to a single-elimination playoff with a best-of-five semifinal and best-of-seven final. Matches will air on Lawler’s Twitch account, with select matches also airing on the Crumpa Esports Twitch channel.

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Treyven « Lethamyr » Robitaille is also organizing a tournament for Europe and the Middle East with a $10,000 prize pool. There are two qualifiers for this event on the June 9 and 11, with a total of four qualified teams that will face off against the four invited teams chosen based on the RLCS Regional Finals standings.

The four invited teams are Mousesports, Vitality, FC Barcelona and Regional Champions Dignitas.

« I expect to see very close matches all the way through the qualifiers, and an intense top 8 finals with the teams who have proven they belong with the best of the best, » Robitaille said.


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